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OM Chanting ☯ 7 Chakras ☯ 10 Miracle Tones Activation Frequency ☯ Deep T...

"Spatially bewitching is exhilarating! I like this soundtrack. My only boredom is, not to be able to go up watts, in limestone plateau of the neighborhood. It is an excellent product. Thank you!"


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" ¡Enigmáticamente tu! Enigmatically your! Énigmatiquement votre!

ROOTS. The Return to the Inner Temple (+Subtitles)

" Comme je suis Heureux enfin, d'entendre ce Vrai et Doux Langage universel. Le Soleil vient de rentrer dans cette pièce que je rendais obscure dans mon cœur; pour la protéger. Merci Zola Dubnikova! Pour toute l'humanité présente sur mes réseaux sociaux."
" As I am Happy finally, to hear(understand) this Real and soft universal Language. The Sun has just gone into this room(part,play) which I made dark in my heart; to protect her(it). Thank you Zola Dubnikova! For all the present humanity on my social networks. "
" Como soy Feliz por fin, de oír(entender) este Lenguaje universal Verdadero y dulce. El Sol acaba de volver a esta pieza(cuarto) que hacía oscura en mi corazón; para protegerla. ¡ Gracias Zola Dubnikova! Para toda la humanidad presente sobre mis redes sociales. " ThySan*

Sacred Earth - Ancient Mother (1 hour)

" Is it good PREM WILLIAMS ? Who can give me the words because I do not find them. Thank you. Otherwise(differently), the video is magnificent and the way, a delight for the spirit (mine)."