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"Spatially bewitching is exhilarating! I like this soundtrack. My only boredom is, not to be able to go up watts, in limestone plateau of the neighborhood. It is an excellent product. Thank you!"


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Dhrupad Singing Amelia Cuni on Vimeo

"It's a shame to have had this piece to record. The acoustic returns reverb sounds that remove the piracy of this song and these chords of music. I know your voice with Al Gomer Kan in -Monsoon Point- with good working conditions. Also I wish you dear Amalia a great success! Namasté!"

Mongolian Music - Boerte - Gobi

" La musique, les voix; c'est du bonheur. Cependant les prises de vues en milieu naturel font assez bizarres. Toutefois, j'aime cette chanson!"

Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE

Oh! Yes! It is an excellent division. I like the density wild animal of this group; he corresponds in any state what in what I live inside!