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Björk 'Notget VR'

"Oui; j'ai regardé la vidéo. c'est phénoménal, la maîtrise d'une si haute technologie. Avec ce brin de folie majestueux que seule, toi Madame Björk; est capable de nous offrir!"
"Yes; I looked at the video. It is phenomenal, the control of so high-tech one. With this majestic touch of madness that only, you Madam Björk; is capable of offering us!"


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"It's a shame to have had this piece to record. The acoustic returns reverb sounds that remove the piracy of this song and these chords of music. I know your voice with Al Gomer Kan in -Monsoon Point- with good working conditions. Also I wish you dear Amalia a great success! Namasté!"

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