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"Crystal Waves" - music for relax, concentrate, meditate, programming, y...

" Oui! Le rythme est tel, que nous pouvons inspirer et expirer à la même cadence que les vagues qui se répandent sur la plage. J'ai une sensation Océanique. c'est effectivement très relaxant. Le son du cristal est très pur. Merci pour cette obscure expérience!"

" Yes! The rhythm is such, as we can inspire and expire in the same pace(cadence) as the waves which spread on the beach(range). I have an Oceanic sensation. It is actually very relaxing. The sound of the crystal is very pure. Thank you for this dark experience(experiment)! "


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Dhrupad Singing Amelia Cuni on Vimeo

"It's a shame to have had this piece to record. The acoustic returns reverb sounds that remove the piracy of this song and these chords of music. I know your voice with Al Gomer Kan in -Monsoon Point- with good working conditions. Also I wish you dear Amalia a great success! Namasté!"

Mongolian Music - Boerte - Gobi

" La musique, les voix; c'est du bonheur. Cependant les prises de vues en milieu naturel font assez bizarres. Toutefois, j'aime cette chanson!"

Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE

Oh! Yes! It is an excellent division. I like the density wild animal of this group; he corresponds in any state what in what I live inside!